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Brigade News

8th November 2018

Update to error in Stats. I missed a 7th fire Call in October. I've also updated to include all fire calls to date in November  - changes noted in Blue.
Availability - can you please update your availablity on BART regularily/weekly. We are considered a reliable brigade to provide crews, so it would be helpful to know who is able and about. Please respond to SMS's or emails or Bart 'discussion' calls - I know most do, but not all. Even a simple 'yes' or 'no' would be sufficient. 

Call Outs - Well it has been a constant run of calls, although it seems kind of slow. So far we have already hit the long term average of 53 in a 6 month. Now we are in November we are up to 56 and summer has yet to kick in.See below for stats
BART - could you all try and use Bart for letting us know if you are attending a call please simply press eitheror that gives the team who are getting to or already at the station an understanding if else is coming. Please try and use Bart for identifying your availability.

Maintanence - November is Rodney and Thomas & Erik

Fire Permits Remain CANCELLED - There is no change to the current status of the fire permits. They remain cancelled even given the recent rain. The official commentary is they are calling this a 'Green drought' which from experience on our property is pretty accurate. Although there has been rain and the grass is growing the soil moisture content appears really dry, even the ground mulch is dry. The RFS has provided the following advice:-
The current situation with the suspension of the issuing of Fire Permits is in place with full support of the Wollondilly/Wingecarribee Bush Fire Management Committee.

The decision was based on the readings of the soil moisture content (SMC) across the SHT area and current results are showing a moisture deficiency not seen for some 50 years.

Further the RFS had been attending up to 6 call outs a day to escaped pile burns which had potential to caused significant damage to adjoining properties.

The deficiency in SMC has a direct effect on fire behaviour adding to fire intensity and the ability to control it.

The recent rains has only improved the SMC situation marginally although most people believe it has completely changed the forecast for the next couple of months. This is not so, in fact with the resultant growth in some grasslands it will only add additional fuel for when it dries out again.

The Bush Fire Management Committee is aware of the frustration being felt by some property owners who feel the recent rain has significantly changed the current situation.

The suspension, at this stage, is to stay in place until we see a significant lengthy period of rain across the whole area however land owners can be assured that the situation is being constantly monitored. Permits for deceased livestock will continue.

Brigade Stats

  • 83 Call Outs for the Calendar year, so far
  • Second busiest Calendar year after 2016 on 93
  • averages out at a call out every 4.4 days
  • We still have most of November and all of December yet to go
October 2018
  • 7 Call Outs this month. Short term average was 6, Long term was 4.7
  • 5 out of 7 were attended by the 'Day crew'.
  • 3 Hazardous conditions, 1 a piece for Fire, MVA and Good Intent.
  • Deb, Thomas, Jeremy & Peter Z attended 3 each, with Colin getting to 2.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday had 2 calls each, then Sunday having 1
  • 1100 to 1159hrs had 2 Call outs
May to Now
  • 56 Call Outs so far;
  • Average is 8 call outs a month (only 8th day into November). Long Term average is 4.6, Short Term average is 5.7;
  • Most common day is Sunday on 12, then Tuesday on 11
  • So far we are averaging a call out every 4 days;
  • Duration is averaging out at 74 minutes;
  • Average attendance is 3.4 crew members;
  • 'Fire' is the most common call out type with 35, then MVA with 9;
  • Currently Jeremy are leading The Oaks cup with 27 (48%) attendances, then Peter Z on 26 (46%), then Colin on 24 (43%), Thomas on 22 (39%) and Deb on 21 (38%)

Activities this Week

  • Monday Evening Training - 5th
  • General Meeting - 8th

Following Weeks

  • Sunday Training - 18th
  • BA training - 28th
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