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Brigade News

2nd April 2017

Training and AGM season is on us, plus daylight saving is over.
AGM is coming on 11th May. We are not a large brigade so the more people that can take on duties/responsibilities the easier for the other members. Traditionally only a handful of people take on all the jobs, which puts on them a heavy work load. If you feel you can contribute please put your hand up, even if 'the usual suspects' appear to be thinking about putting their name down - they usually do that out of necessity. Roles such as :-
Training Officer
Comm Ed
We normally put on a good spread of food and we'd like to keep the tradition going. Please let Jeremy know what you would like to bring along, the fancier the better !!!
District Training is also now in full swing. The Oaks will be a focal point for many courses such as VF, BA, Hydraulics, CL and BF Assessment. This means there are lots of opportunities to help out or even just watch to brush up on skills. Those that responded to the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) are on courses. Course are based on these numbers, if you did not let Jeremy know at the time, then you unfortunately will miss out this year, due to course being full based on the TNA.
A big thank you to you all for your commitment to the community, the RFS and the most especially the Brigade. You are a great team !!!

Maintanence in April is Frank and Jeremy !!!
CALL OUTS -  We've now had 84 Fire Calls this Brigade Year which equates to 1 every 4 days. This exceeds all previous Brigade years.
If we forecast the future based on averages (Long Term = 16yrs & Short Term = 6 yrs) then we could be looking at the possibility of having
Long Term = 87 Call outs this year; or
Short Term = 89 Call outs this year


The Long term average for the year has increased steadly since we got the pumper. Long Term average has increased to 51 Call Outs per year.
The Short term average was standing steady, for the last 7 years, at 62 but has now increased to 66 Call Outs per year.

The Attendance register for March has been included into the 'Attendance Tab'.
Call Outs and Statics graphics have yet to be updated

Brigade Stats

March 2017
  • 6 Call Outs this month - long term average (16yrs) is 2.8, short term (6yrs) is 4.7
  • Colin and Jeremy attended 4 out of the 6;
  • 1600hrs was the 'more-likely' time for a call with 2 of the 6;
  • Friday had 2 of the 6 Call outs;
  • Fire counted for 3 of the 6 of incident types.
May to Now
  • 84 Call Outs so far;
  • Most common day is Sunday on 19, then Wednesday on 18 and then Monday & Friday on 12;
  • Most popular times are 1100-1159hrs and 1700-1759hrs with 8 a piece;
  • So far we are averaging a call out every 4 days;
  • Duration is averaging out at 71 minutes;
  • Average attendance is 4.7 crew members;
  • 'Fire' is the most common call out type with 53;
  • Only 1 Call Out has not been attended.
  • Currently Thomas is leading The Oaks cup with 54 (64%) attendances, then Jeremy on 52 (62%) and Pat next on 45 (54%), with Colin next on 43 (51%).

Activities this Week

  • Monday Night Training - 3rd
  • Exec Meeting - 5th

Following Weeks

  • General Meeting - 13th
  • Sunday Training - None (Easter)
  • BA training - 26th
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