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Brigade News

 8 July 19


General News - Not a great amount has happened since the last update. Although saying that we had 12 call outs in May and 6 in June. The only call out we've had in July was responded to by Deb, soley, and as a non driver it meant we couldn't provide a crew to that incident. This doesn't mean the station has not been busy, with VF and BA District training happening over May & June and several BA recerts. We are planning a Working Bee in August (4th) to try and clean the store out and make room for proposed Washing machine and Dryer for PPE and setting up the BA PPC properly. All hands would be appreciated.
Availability - again a reminder, please update your availablity on BART regularily/weekly. As we;ve noted before, we are considered a reliable brigade to provide crews, so it would be helpful to know who is able and about. Please respond to SMS's or emails or Bart 'discussion' calls - I know most do, but not all. Even a simple 'yes' or 'no' would be sufficient. 

Call Outs - May and June were regularily busy, however July is turning into a very slow month (granted it's only 8th). As noted above the one call out we've had was attended by Deb (on her own), and as a non-driver, resulted in her having to advise no crew available.
BART - could you all try and use Bart for letting us know if you are attending a call please simply press eitheror that gives the team who are getting to or already at the station an understanding if else is coming. Please try and use Bart for identifying your availability.

Maintanence - We have a new maintenance roster - see Our Brigade for the latest verion. July is Steven P & Nathan S


Brigade Stats

July 2019
  • 6 Call Outs this month. Short term average is 4.3 Long term is 3.3 so yet again we have well exceeded the normal.
  • 2 out of 6 were attended by the 'Day crew'.
  • 3 out of 6 were to assist other brigades/area.
  • Jason W attended 5 of the call outs then Colin and Peter Z both with 4.
  • Friday and Monday were both popular with 2 calls each.
  • There was no time more likely to be called than any other
May 19 to now
  • 19 Call Outs so far;
  • Average is 6.3 call outs a month. Long Term average is 4.4, Short Term average is 5.9;
  • Most common day is Monday on 6, then Friday on 4
  • So far we are averaging a call out every 3.2 days;
  • Duration is averaging out at 91 minutes;
  • The 'Day crew' have been to 11 of the 19 or 58%
  • Average attendance is really high with 4.26 crew members;
  • 'Fire' is the most common call out type with 7, then MVA with 4;
  • Currently Jason & Peter are jointly leading The Oaks cup, with 12 (63%) attendances, then Thomas on 11 (58%), then Steven L 7 (37%)

Activities this Week

  • General Meeting - 11th

Following Weeks

  • Sunday Training - 21st July
  • BA - 24th
  • BA Recert - Thirlmere - 28th July
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